The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you
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Izaya Orihara (折原臨也)


How expected that the information broker would say such a thing. But as would most people- including himself. Humans always liked to know what they were getting into before hand- and while not of the same creation, his mind worked in a similar way. With a hum and a finger placed in thought, he allowed some words to pass.


_-_” I'm not quite sure. Do you have any in mind, Iza-chan? "_-_

It was a pointless question, as he already expected the suggestions if one was given. And if the man before him truly did have a game in mind before, why would he have been requiring entertainment anyway? There was always a possible reason, but there was always the chance there was also none present too. 

"Psyche my dear, if I already had something in mind then I wouldn’t be asking for suggestions, now would I?” But yes he had to be careful when the topic of games came up, especially around someone like Psyche; as eager as he was to cure this boredom of his, he had no desire to get himself mixed up in something he did not like. And when it came to this particular individual, well, he imagined the term ‘game’ could mean a variety of things.

Of course, one could say the same was true for himself as well.

"There must be an idea or two in that head of yours. I don’t think you’d suggest such a thing otherwise. Unless you’re trying to waste my time, but I’d hope that’s not the case."

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— They reminded themselves of someone? Another puzzled looked made itself present, “M-Maybe they are the same..?” Unlikely,  but Tsuki didn’t know that. “It’s appearance… Y-You remind me of my f-friend, Roppi…” Could he say friends? Since he departed for those many months, he hadn’t grown reacquainted with anyone he knew back then. Though that wasn’t unexpected of Tsuki, assuming they moved onto better things. Assuming… He should take the raven’s advice and stop doing that.

"And who a-am I..?" Not to be misunderstood - Tsuki knew who he was, just he was more curious to know what this man thought he was and why he should know him.

"Oh, Roppi!” Laughter broke from him again, somewhat forced yet there was something incredibly funny about the development of this conversation— to him anyway. “I would have never guessed!” It was one of his first guesses. “Heavens yes, of course. I’m well acquainted with him, you could say we’re quite good friends.”

Izaya finally cast a glance towards the other man, a certain glint in his eyes and a smirk upon his lips. “Who are you? You are Tsuki, the strange little fellow I’ve only caught glimpses of until now that looks an awful lot like the monster I hate more than anything else. Such a tragedy, I almost feel sorry for you. Do you know whom I’m speaking of?”

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He wasn’t quite expecting that. "Well…" For an entire list that he had, all his goals seemed to have erased themselves once he was asked about it. "I need to start writing observations for science stuff down instead of depending on memory," he takes great pride in his ability to memorize things with ease. “I want to… be able to endure more, to not think so negatively at the most unnecessary of times— improve on how I perform in the bedroom.” That last one was a joke, but he’s sure Izaya knows that. "You know I wouldn’t practice on anyone else." He gives a quick kiss. "I…" missed you. But instead of being verbal, he offers a short-lived whine and a nuzzle.

Izaya has to chuckle at the little joke that followed what seemed to be a list of very real goals. He’s not sure what he had expected the Roppi to answer with, but he’s pleasantly surprised with what he hears. “I’m sure you’ll be very successful with all of those.” His smile turns lopsided upon hearing the other whine, trying not to laugh again while he’s nuzzled. “I missed you too.” He can only guess what Roppi meant to say, but his statement remains true either way.

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"Humans, easily. I may be crazy but not so much that I’d give up my favorite things for food. There are plenty of dishes in the world to replace sushi, but nothing that could capture my interest as well as humans do."


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