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Even if it’s not Izaya’s fault, it’s Izaya’s fault.

Anonymous asked: Maybe I'll leave you in that dark~ Would that bother you? ouo


"Hardly. Judging by your way of speaking so far I doubt you’re anyone important."



[生かす]:”But I want you to buy me some.” Nothing would pleasure him more than the most hated man buying him sesame balls, and he was determined to get his way.

"I don’t see why I should. As much as I’d hate to disappoint you, I’ll have to say no. I’m quite big on saving money,” and that, surprisingly, was true, “so I’ve no time to be doing any unnecessary spending on others.”


When affection was planted onto the top of his head, Roppi scoots himself closer to the other, nestling his head against Izaya’s chest. He is unaware that the broker wanted to see his face. Roppi’s thought process seems to be fuzzed, for he begins to emit a half-whine, half-hum. He wishes he could put his thoughts into words; quite embarrassed since he hasn’t acted this childish and silly in a long while. Every day has been so stressful, serious, and vapid.

He chuckles again, softly. “You’re so silly, love.” Adorable really. He grins for a moment but it’s an innocent one, and he keeps his head down to nuzzle into Roppi’s hair. Something else he hasn’t done in a while, isn’t it? Eyes are allowed to shut for a second time. “Cute as always, aren’t you,” he mumbles, “you must be tired.”

I’ll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.
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